More than half of Twitter Blue’s earliest subscribers leave
More than half of Twitter Blue’s earliest subscribers leave

A recent report finds that Twitter Blue was able to get around 640,000 subscribers last November after CEO Elon Musk introduced the new subscription model. Out of about 150,000 early subscribers to Twitter Blue, just around 68,157 have stuck around till the end of April.

Internal leaks published by the Washington Post last year revealed that only 150,000 users subscribed to Twitter Blue when it launched in November, after which Musk disabled new signups after users began impersonating personalities and brands on the social platform.

According to a report by Mashable, around 81,843 users, or 54.5 percent, of Twitter users who subscribed to Twitter Blue when it first launched are no longer subscribed. A study by subscription management company Recurly, discovered that the average overall annual churn rate is only 5.57 percent for subscription-based businesses.

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A previous report by Gizmodo revealed that many former Twitter Blue subscribers couldn’t get rid of the service, despite having canceled the subscription and having not paid for months.

While the latest Twitter data from last month showed that the percentage of Twitter Blue subscribers with low follower counts remains fairly unchanged. This provides the answer to why so many subscribers of Twitter Blue still appear, either due to the exclusive feature of algorithm boost on the For You timeline or just receiving the service features despite canceling the subscription.

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