Apple might be re-inventing the iPod
Apple might be re-inventing the iPod

According to a patent application published by US Patent Office, Apple is reportedly trying to re-invent a pocket-sized iPod.

In the sketch submitted by the company, the small iPod with touchscreen display could be used to flick songs, watch movies, check the weather and even use navigational maps. Tech Crunch believes Apple wanted to create a reminiscent of the tiny iPod Touch or iPod Nano with wireless earphones.

Apple patent drawing of headphone case with a touch screen

Though the use of the iPod is dead, many do look back on the time when all their music library was in their pocket, just like Steve Jobs quoted.

Today, however, the iPhone is already providing the entire music library and more, but the re-design and launch of the new Sony Walkman could prompt Apple to re-launch a new iPod.

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