Twitter Blue subscribers might be able to hide blue checks
Twitter Blue subscribers might be able to hide blue checks

Twitter is working on a feature that will enable its Blue subscribers to conceal the blue checks on their profile from others.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi discovered the feature in a screen of the company working on a control panel for verification settings, which included an option to “Show or hide your blue checkmark on your profile.”

Twitter hasn’t officially announced anything regarding the rumoured feature, but the option to hide blue checks might come as a welcomed relief for some users, whose tweets might go viral with comment memes and accusations of paid publicity.

There are even some tools that will allow Twitter users to block everyone on the platform with a Blue subscription.

Though the company has announced that it will get rid of the feature that allowed users to see if the accounts have been verified through a paid Blue subscription or a legacy verification program, at the moment many users view blue check profiles with skepticism.

Twitter Blue subscription provides more than just a blue check on user profiles, but also allows users to tweet longer videos, and tweets, and even edit tweets after posting. Despite the backlash the company faced for making it easier to get a blue check on profiles, the company reduced the number of days for new accounts to purchase Blue subscriptions from 90 to 30 days.

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