ChatGPT bug exposed payment details of its subscribers
ChatGPT bug exposed payment details of its subscribers

OpenAI took ChatGPT offline on Monday after it exposed the payment details of its subscribers.

ChatGPTs chat history feature was not available for a few days previously after a bug exposed other users’ conversations to people. Users began to notice it and took it to platforms like Reddit and Twitter to express their concerns. OpenAI then confirmed the issue.

In addition to the leaked conversations, ChatGPT also exposed some personal data of its subscribers.

As per The Verge, a bug in the open source library called redis-py created a caching issue which ended up showing some personal information to active users, such as the last four digits, the expiration date of another user’s credit card, their first and last name, email address, and payment address.

As per the company, 1.2 per cent of ChatGPT Plus who used the service between 4 AM and 1 PM ET on March 20th might have been affected by the leaked information.

The platform has reached out to users whose information was exposed.

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